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Here is a little snip from the chapter on love.  If you haven’t read the book, I hope you enjoy this sneak-peak into my life.  Please don’t forget to leave a comment so I know you stopped by!

Love is blind.  And for my husband, Brian, that was very nearly literal.  We were the perfect fit, and from the first day I knew he was the one for me.  On our second date, I put that theory to the test.  We’d spent the day at a friend’s house enjoying a BBQ and bon fire on a crowded Seattle beach.  As the evening died down, we headed back to the house to enjoy a movie.  The lights were low, and everyone gazed at the glow of the screen offering love-birds seclusion in the dark.

It was the perfect time for a first kiss.  Brian leaned his head close to mine and my heart began to race.  I reached for him gently, longingly, to rest my hand upon his cheek.  Then I poked him in the eye.  He jumped in shock and his eye began to water.  I was humiliated.  I flailed a profuse apology and reached toward him to offer comfort – poking his other eye.  By this time, everyone else in the room was staring at us, and not as the romantic and perfectly matched couple who had walked together along the beach all afternoon.

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One thought on “Book Teaser

  1. Arlene W.

    oh Carolina, I love you!! You are one of the most authentic people I know. You are just so you! And that is a wonderful gift!


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